Sunday, April 14, 2013


This week we discussed the life cycle of plants.  The students loved learning about this topic and planting some of their own plants this week.

"The Tiny Seed" by one of our favorite authors, Eric Carle

Labeling the parts of a plant

Ordering the life cycle of a plant

The students all plant grass seeds.  We'll take care of these plants over the next several weeks and watch the sprout and grow!

Ellie brought in a plant she planted at home, it's an apple tree from an apple seed!  Thanks, Ellie!

We enjoyed reading these books too!

And making our own cloud formations!

Play-Doh fun!

More spring fun!

Coming Up...
Language Arts: Antonyms
Math: 3D Shapes
Thematic Unit: Sports

May 3 - Field Day - Coach Harivson will be sending more info. soon

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