Sunday, April 22, 2012

Down on the Farm!

This week was busy and full of tons of learning!  

We began to learn about nouns.  The students picked up on this right away!

Everyone drew a "person, place or thing" to go into our "Noun Town".  This was a fun activity, the students included pictures of super heroes, animals, Target, baseball and football fields, and many other great things! 

 They made noun play-doh shapes. 

 Everyone's favorite noun activity, labeling!  The students sorted cards and found all the nouns.  Then they labeled one another with the nouns.  Fun, fun!

 We have also been discussing three-dimensional shapes.  The students have learned their attributes and used what they have learned to guess the 3D shapes by using only their sense of touch in this activity. 

 3D Shape Show-and-Tell



 More spheres


 And cones...

 Rectangular Prisms

 Counting and recording groups of ten

 The thematic unit this week was "farm" - The students loved this unit!  
Making muddy farm pictures.

 "I Spy" Farm books


 Farm puzzle

 Every farm has dirt and worms!  They sure are yummy!

 One of their favorite farm activities, the students wore a farm animal on the back of their shirt.  They showed their friends and their friends gave them clues to help them guess their animal.  

 Chicken feet!

 We read many great books about life of the farm. 

 It was so pretty outside that we enjoy some story time outdoors!

 We learned that the animals on the farm provide us with many resources and food.  One of the foods we get from cows is milk.  And one of our favorite desserts comes from milk, ICE CREAM!

 Everyone worked together to make "ice cream in a bag". 

 Shake, shake, shake!

 Keep shaking!


 Cody's family shared some of their farm animals with us.  This was definitely the highlight of the week!! Cody was an excellent presenter and told us all about his friends.


 She has very soft wool. 

Cody's goat loved talking to us!

 Dax, the horse, was beautiful and very friendly. 

 Thank you to The Smith family for sharing your animals with us!

 Student of the Week: Systre'n

Coming Up...
Language Arts/Phonics: Verbs
Math: 3D Shapes
Thematic Unit: Zoo

Thursday, April 26 - Bring a zoo pet to school!  Bring a stuffed animal from home and we will let you share it with your classmates and do some activities with your zoo friends.

Friday, April 27 - Kindergarten Musical, Stone Soup.  Family/Friends performance at 9:45 AM, $2.00 admission, in the PLE gym.  Students should come to school on Friday in costume, they will have two performances that morning.  An early performance for the 1st and 2nd graders and a second performance at 9:45 AM for family and friends.

May 4 - Field Day - Wear your class T-shirts

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