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This week we learned about dinosaurs.  This was one of our favorite units so far this school year, there was so much information to learn.  Each day we were exploring and learning with every minute of the day!  It was definitely a "blast from the past"!  Everyone loved learning about these "terrible lizards".

We made dinosaur murals to help us remember everything we were learning.  The murals were large and made our room look a little like a dinosaur museum, which was great!

Exhibit 1: Brontosaurus, a herbivore 
We learned all about his physical characteristics and how they help him to eat plants.  Did you know that brontosaurus means "thundering lizard" because of the loud noise it makes when he walks?
The students then drew different pictures of food the herbivore would eat, they got very creative with this activity.  Check out that "grass pop-tart"!

Exhibit 2: Tyrannosaurus Rex - a carnivore
We also learned all about the characteristics of a T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs.  He was definitely a favorite among the students.  We then drew pictures of things he would eat, we all agree that we're glad we don't have a T-Rex roaming around today!

Exhibit 3: Pete the Paleontologist 
We loved learning about Pete.  Many of the students comment that they would like to be a paleontologist when they were older.  We learned all about the process he goes through to find and recover fossils, and the many tools he uses to do this.  Students drew pictures of the many tools this cool scientist uses when hunting for dinosaur fossils.

We used dinosaurs everywhere this week.  We learned that dinosaurs hatch from eggs.  So we filled eggs with plastic dinos and counted sets to practice our addition.

Measuring with dinosaurs

Dinosaur Bingo

When learning about dinosaurs and paleontologist, we soon learned about dinosaur fossils.  We know that finding and recovering fossils take a lot of work.  We used all our new knowledge and made dinosaur fossil art.

Then we made our own fossil molds (homemade play dough).

Showing off our fossils

One of our favorite books about dinosaurs is "Buying, Training and Caring For Your Dinosaur" by Laura Joy Rennert.  We loved how this books teaches us the characteristics of these fun creatures in a silly way that we enjoy.

This book got us thinking, what dinosaur would we choose for a pet?  We recorded our answers and shared with classmates.

Another fun activity was creating dinosaur rubbings.  Students rubbed crayons over dino outlines to create a great copy of some of their favorite dinosaurs.

Graphing their favorite dinosaur, the T-Rex wins the vote!

We also learned the letter "D" this week, a perfect letter for dinosaur week.

Enjoying our new laptops, playing dinosaur games and watching a great video about dinosaurs.

To end our fun week, we made "dinosaur chow."  As you can see we used some very interesting ingredients.
Crushed Bones - sugar
Dirt - cocoa
Squashed bugs - peanut butter
Dead grass - oatmeal
Fat - butter
Swap water - Milk dyed green

Enjoying dinosaur chow

Great dinosaur "show and tell"

Happy Birthday, Kaydence!

Student of the Week: Kaydence

Coming Up...
Phonics: Vv
Math: Topic 11 - Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Sports

Friday, February 4 - Sports/Super Bowl Day - To conclude the week on sports and celebrate the Super Bowl all students are encouraged to wear their favorite sports uniforms.  

Monday, February 14 - Valentine Class Party - 1:45 PM - Students will be exchanging Valentines with their classmates.  In Monday's folder I have included a list of all the student names in our class.  Also, please send a shoe box for your child to decorate for a Valentine mailbox.

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