Sunday, April 11, 2010


This week we learned all about zoo animals! We had so much fun that at times I thought I was running a zoo!! We visited many great sites on the Internet to help us learn interesting facts about animals, one of our favorite sites was the San Diego Zoo website. They have an entire section just for Kids! We saw video of pandas, giraffes and elephants and learned so much! We may even have a few zoologist in our classroom!

In addition to learning about the zoo, we practiced tying our shoes. This was hard work, but after a few tries the students were catching on! Keep practicing!

As we learned about the various animals we made different projects and crafts. Here we are making lions.

As we were learning about the zoo, we learned about the different places around the world that these animals call home. We explored with globes, maps and many wonderful books. The students especially enjoyed the 3D book!

The chimpanzee was one of our favorite animals to learn about. Did you know his nickname is the "knuckle-walker!?"

Everyone loved playing "Barrel of Monkeys!"

Students are making their own snakes, for the body of the snake students chose a world family and created rhyming words. The "rhyming rattlers" looked great!

They used their handprints to create giraffes. Everyone loved the giraffe! We learned great things about him, like he is the tallest land animal, he has a large heart, it weighs almost 25 pounds! And he has a "deadly kick!"

Students used animal crackers to complete addition and subtraction problems.

We made a yummy zoo parade snack. We used pretzel rods, peanut butter and animal crackers to line up our animals in a parade.

Making animals shapes from play-doh

Giraffe and Zebra craft, students traced their shoe to create the head of their animal.

Mama Jane came and shared many wonderful things with us. She taught us a lot about the globe and animals. She had great books, games, and resources for us to explore!

She brought us all these cool animal, hand-puppet tattoos!

Mama Jane also brought us puzzles of animals from around the world and great zoo snacks!

Clint, a student from another K class, shared with us his animal collection. He had some very neat animals and he knew all about them. We enjoyed getting to pet these creatures!

Ty returned from his vacation to Hawaii! He brought our class pineapples from Hawaii! They tasted delicious!

Happy Birthday, Faith!

Student of the Week: Walker

Coming Up:
Phonics: digraph oo
Math: Topic 15 - Calendar
Thematic Unit: Farm

April 16 - "Farm Day": Dress up like you work on a farm, overalls, plaid shirts, straw hats, bandanas! We will be ending our unit on farm and we're looking forward to a fun day!

April 22 - Kindergarten Round-Up, pre-registration for students entering Kindergarten in August 2010

April 30 - Kindergarten Musical - 9:45 AM performance for family and friends, admission $2

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