Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!! The students started back to school Thursday after the Christmas break. We had a pretty unusual start to the new semester. After coming to school Thursday, school was cancelled on Friday due to the extremely cold and icy weather. So we only had school one day this week. But we had as much fun as we could during that day!

Everyone got to share some of the wonderful items they received for Christmas. Santa must have gotten our letters because everyone got what they wanted!!

We talked about our new year, 2010. We discussed how it's no longer 2009 and how to write our new date. But it is going to take some practice to remember to say 2010, we're still used to saying and writing 2009!

We made party hats to celebrate the new year!

We also read the book "Thank You, Santa." This was a book Mama Jane let us borrow, thanks!! In this great after Christmas story, we see how a young girl named Samantha wrote a thank you letter to Santa and they corresponded throughout the year. Since we sent Santa our Christmas list before Christmas we thought we should write a thank you letter just like Samantha did in this book!

We are all looking forward to a full week of Kindergarten coming up. We still have so much to learn and do! It's going to be a great second semester!

Coming Up Next Week...
Phonics: Ee
Math: Measurement
Thematic: Bears
Friday, January 15 - Pajama Day! Students may wear they PJ's to school on Friday (please make sure they are still school appropriate) and bring their favorite teddy bear as we conclude our unit on "bears." We will enjoy a cuddly day with our PJ's and bears, drink hot chocolate and stay warm!

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